Fort Sill Tank Trail Repair and Railroad Crossing

Crafton Tull, in partnership with The Ross Group, provided design-build services for the repair and extension of the Howitzer Road tank trail at the Fort Sill Army Base as well as the repair of several railroad crossings at various locations on base.

Repairing the existing tank trail alignment paving and extending the pavement east to intersect Berry Street was the primary project task. In addition to the roadway repairs, the project also included options for the repair/reconstruction of six railroad crossings that had fallen into disrepair at various locations.  Crafton Tull's duties included designing the paving, drainage, utility improvements, and the new concrete panel railroad crossings.

In addition to the design duties, Crafton Tull provided construction phase engineering services, including submittal and RFI reviews, preparation of field changes to plans, and project observation to ensure adherence to required documents. Our team also offered aid to USACE inspectors in the interpretation of the project requirements.