Pinnacle Memorial Gardens GIS Mapping

Crafton Tull provided the civil, surveying, and geographical information systems (GIS) mapping services to the Pinnacle Memorial Gardens to design, develop, and implement a digital records management system. Parking lot design, sidewalks, street improvements, permitting, and layout adjustments were needed to bring a new cemetery to the region.

After a long series of extensive demonstrations, NewCom Technology, Inc. and their product Cemetery Management System (CMS) was selected based upon matching criteria from the client needs and our ability to extend and support additional features. NewCom assisted in integrating the data we provided into their software, as well as the setup of documentation automation (deeds, burial permits, etc.), setup of the software, and training once the system was in place.

Crafton Tull has helped bring survey-grade GIS datasets to many local municipalities in the region; giving us unique experience when providing solutions to our client's needs. The client wanted us to address the concerns of vendor longevity, data storage methods, features needed, and the understanding of their end product. Our primary solution extended our civil and surveying work by providing a long term management tool in a unified system.