Railyard Bike Park

The Railyard Bike Park was often closed due to standing water and eroded, dirt trails after rainfalls. The original dirt construction of the park on the hillside adjacent to Downtown Rogers could not sustain the stormwater flow from the area upstream. City staff spent many hours after each rainfall restoring the park.

The new drainage system designed by Crafton Tull for the 3-acre park was developed to accommodate the bike lines. Pipes were upsized and inlets added. A 20-foot-deep outlet structure at the bottom of the park directs stormwater away. The dirt tracks of four downhill lines and four jump lines were rebuilt and paved by hand. Permeable rubber landers were added. Lighting was improved as part of the project.

The Railyard Bike Park is now the longest paved downhill slope-style bike park in the United States, and it is the first park of its kind to use permeable rubber landers within the paved lines. The rebuilt park recreates the thrill of a downhill mountain bike park, but replaces the often waterlogged clay soil with a paved surface and robust drainage system.The rainy opening weekend of the park saw 20,000 trips by bike riders from across the central United States.