Pine Bluff Comprehensive Plan

Crafton Tull assembled a planning team that was contracted to prepare a citywide comprehensive master plan for Pine Bluff. The following components were the plan elements: land use, zoning, housing, downtown redevelopment, transportation, parks and recreation, economic development, and code revisions.

Aside from Crafton Tull, the prime consultant, the team consisted of the following firms: DPZ CoDesign to assist with land use, housing and focus on code writing, Urban 3 (who concentrated on the economics and redevelopment approach), Ash + Lime (who specialized in public safety and law enforcement), and Nelson Architects (who are the local firm to assist with public engagement). A client steering committee guided the team, and a weeklong workshop provided public input during the focused planning phase of the study.

The outcome provided the City of Pine Bluff with recommendations, timelines for improvements to all aspects of the community’s redevelopment potential, quality of life initiatives, and economic strategies.