Tulsa Technology Center - Health Sciences

In 2005, Crafton Tull led the Tulsa Technology Center Board of Education through a campus development planning process to determine facility needs for the Lemley Campus, one of four centers in the TTC system. The new Health Sciences Building needed to serve all health education programs.

Using the Program of Requirements developed by the District, our team helped define space needs, requirements for functional adjacencies, implications from possible program growth, and the need for easy public access. Tulsa Technology Center’s Health Sciences Center houses specialized healthcare teaching labs, including classrooms, meeting rooms, a library, student lounge, and administrative offices.

The interior design complements the primary exterior architectural elements through the curve of the east-facing facade to the arc of the clearstory entry lobby element. The facility closely resembles an actual healthcare environment incorporating high-quality interior finishes using a warm color palette as well as accents of the District’s crimson logo color.