Broken Arrow ECDCs

Passage of a bond issue in 2010 provided Broken Arrow Public Schools funding for the construction of several Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDC) to serve the district’s growing population of preschool-age children. Crafton Tull designed the two new centers on the same site as, and adjacent to, two new elementary schools. Each 28,000 square-foot project houses 16 classrooms, a multipurpose activity room, and administrative offices. A separate construction manager oversaw each site. Simultaneous bidding on the elementary and ECDC projects allowed bidders the option to bid each project separately or both in combination.

The comprehensive study of the 20-plus acre tract, which contains 25 buildings, examined public access to the campus, student circulation and safety, student and staff parking needs, and proposed several site improvements. With the goal of developing a cohesive campus atmosphere, the proposed improvements included rerouting bus traffic, adding student and staff parking, constructing a central campus plaza, promenade, new classroom building, and an overall campus drainage plan. The incorporation of native trees and shrubs, and drought-resistant plants, served to reduce the amount of irrigation needed. The landscape design also features a species of grass that does not require mowing, which reduces maintenance costs and the burning of fuel that introduces hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.  Placing trees close to the paved areas provides shade to the paved areas and reduces the heat island effect.