Owl Creek School

The Owl Creek school district needed both a new elementary school and a new middle school. To save costs, they proposed combining the schools. They hired Crafton Tull to provide design services. The new building is divided to allow the students of the elementary and middle schools to occupy separate spaces. The administrative office, media center, and kitchen are the only shared facilities. The school's design takes advantage of natural daylight in all classrooms and minimizes east and west exposure. The combination of economical materials creates interesting facades that hint at the school's location on Owl Creek. Each classroom is equipped with cable television, a computer network and, an intercom system. Motion detectors help control lighting in all corridors and add to the security of the facility. At 143,700 square feet, the school accommodates a student population of approximately 1,000.

At the time of its completion, Owl Creek represented a unique blended elementary/middle school and became a model for other school districts.