Boone Pickens Stadium

Improvements to Oklahoma State University’s athletic facilities spanned more than 13 years, and various changes in University staff and coaches, but only one architect - Crafton Tull. The West End Zone level is all about performance on the field, with a design geared towards the game. The locker room, equipment room, sports medicine area, and strength and conditioning areas provide modern facilities for the football program’s every need. The West End Zone also houses the coaches’ locker room, a team theater, offensive and defensive meeting rooms, the Training Table commissary, a loading dock, and back-of-house support spaces. Encompassing 144,675 square feet, this area of the stadium allows ample space for team members and staff to focus, prepare, rest, reflect, and receive treatment and rehabilitation. Adding the end zone bowl completed the stadium, with gate access increasing from 18 to 60, housing 70,000 fans instead of the original 43,000. The West End Zone adds 13,500 seats and 58 suites, bringing the stadium total to 60,200 seats and 102 suites.